Sunday, 30 December 2012

10 awesome nail art designs

01. Halloween

Halloween-inspired nails by artist Algae Veronica
Talented nail artist Algae Veronica created these gorgeous Halloween-inspired designs. Her other creations include Super Mario & Dr Seuss nail art designs.

02. Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead inspired designs by nail artist Nancy Mc
It's hard to believe that every bit of detail in these Day of the Dead inspired nails were hand painted. Created by nail artist Nancy M, the beautiful designs were inspired by the Mexican festival 'Day of the Dead' where people gather to remember and pray for the dead.

03. Marvel

Marvel-inspired nail art by 15-year-old Lolla, owner of Tumblr blog Oh My Nails
We're loving these Marvel-inspired designs by Lolla, the 15-year-old young lady behind Tumblr blog Oh My Nails. From thumb to pinky: Marvel logo, Spiderman, Captain America, Hawkeye, and Ironman. Check out her blog for other movie inspired nail art, including Disney's Tangled and Pixar's latest film Brave.

04. Mario & Luigi

Mario & Luigi nails by Alica aka One nail to rule them all
Brilliant illustrations of everyone's favourite Nintendo characters on these fingertips by Yorkshire-based nail artist Alice aka One nail to rule them all.

05. Cats in space

20-year-old nail artist Emily created these designs for her cat-lover cousin
These awesome cats in space nails were created by 20-year-old artist Emily, who runs her own nail blog Very Emily. She came up with the concept whilst visiting and painting her cousin's nails who, funnily enough, loves cats!

06. Lucky Aces & Tuxedo

Lucky Aces & Tuxedo design by WAH nails
This cool, detailed design was painted by WAH girl Jeanette. WAH nails first opened its doors in the East End of London in 2008. Since then, the company has gone on to do shows at London Fashion week and parties for huge brands such as Nike, Marc Jacobs, and Diesel. 

07. Beach Day

Awesome beach day nails created by Emily, the artist behind Tumbr blog Quite Polished
College freshman Emily runs Tumblr blog Quite Polished, on which she posts regular photos of her nail art. The above beach nails concept came about for a nail art contest. We particularly like the cool shaded character and starfish designs!

08. London 2012

Olympic-inspired nail art by creative manicure, illustrator and nail artist Sophie Harris-Greenslade
London 2012 didn't only inspire athletes, it also saw a surge in the amount of Olympic-inspired nail art. These brilliant designs were created by creative manicurist, illustrator and nail artist Sophie Harris-Greenslade. More awesome designs can be seen on her Tumblr blog The Illustrated Nail.

09. Designer skulls

Damien Hirst and Alexander McQueen inspired nail art
Ami V is a nail artist from NYC who is inspired by art, patterns, fashion and culture as well as all things black and white. These detailed nail designs were inspired by iconic artist Damien Hirst and fashion designer Alexander McQueen's skull pieces. You can see more of Amy's designs on her personal blog El Salonsito.

10. Bat fingers

Batman inspired nail art by Melissa, owner of Tumblr blog The Daily Nail
The Daily Nail is a blog run by a lady called Melissa, who in 2010 set herself a challenge to do her nails with a different design every day for a whole year! This cool Batman-inspired design was created by her earlier this year. As Melissa says on her website, 'Because why would I do a ‘normal’ Batman manicure when I could do one like this?!' Our thoughts exactly!

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